Kiri is a 4-part state of the nation mystery for Channel 4, and the second collaboration between The Forge and the multi-award winning screenwriter Jack Thorne. Written by Jack Thorne and Rachel De-Lahay, and directed by Euros Lyn, Kiri tells the story of the fallout which follows the disappearance of a young black girl – Kiri.

The highly topical mini-series examines the impact, both public and private, of Kiri’s imminent adoption by her white foster family, her relationship with her biological family, and the police investigation which ensues.  The drama examines each of the characters most closely connected to Kiri in turn, starting with her experienced and dedicated social worker, Miriam, who is dragged through the mud by the press and scapegoated for Kiri’s disappearance. As the investigation works towards the truth about Kiri, the secrets at the heart of two very different families – one white, one black – begin to bubble to the surface, challenging our assumptions and shedding new light on the case.

At its heart, Kiri is a story about parenting, how we treat our children, our toxic media culture, and race. It’s a story for our times, a mini-series which gets under the skin of a divided modern Britain. And all the way through, the same questions persist: What did happen to Kiri? And who’s to blame?


 A 4 x 60 minute mini-series for Channel 4/Hulu

Starring: Sarah Lancashire, Lia Williams, Steven Mackintosh and Lucian Msamati

Created by: Jack Thorne

Writers: Jack Thorne and Rachel De-Lahay

Director: Euros Lyn

Producer: Toby Bentley

Executive Producers: George Ormond, George Faber, Jack Thorne

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