Ackley Bridge

The award-winning 5-series Ackley Bridge is set in a fictional Yorkshire mill town, in an Academy formed by the merger of an all-white and an all-Asian school.

The lives and cultures of the communities collide with grit, honesty and humorous insight.  Tackling real-life issues in an irreverent, insightful way, with warmth and punchy, big hearted stories, Ackley Bridge explores the glorious dysfunctionality of modern Britain, with an authentic account of the very real issues that lie at the heart of its community,

Ackley Bridge was the channel’s most watched show year on year on All4 by their coveted young demographic.


A 5-run returning drama series for Channel 4

Created by: Ayub Khan Din, Kevin Erlis and Malcolm Campbell

Stars across all series include: Sunetra Sarker, Jo Joyner Rob James Collier, Robyn Cara, Yasmin Al Khudhairi, Ryan Dean, Poppy Lee Friar, Amy-Leigh Hickman, Adil Ray, Megan Morgan, Laila Zaidi, Charlie Hardwick, Liz White, Tony Jayawardeena.

Series 5 – 10 x 30 (2022)

Executive Producers: George Ormond, George Faber, Suhayla El Bushra, Kim Revill

Writers: Suhayla El-Bushra, Kim Revill, Alexander Stewart. Damian Mullen, Emteaz Hussain

Directors: Ashley Walters (Eps 1-5), Reza Moradi (Eps 6-10)

Producer: Jade Taylor

Series 4 – 10 x 30

Executive Producers: George Ormond, George Faber, Ayub Khan-Din, Caroline Cooper Charles

Writers: Ayub Khan-Din, Suhayla El-Bushra, Kim Revill, Kam Odedra, Alex Stewart

Directors: Joe Stephenson, Ethosheia Hylton

Producer: Rosalie Carew

Series 3 – 8 x 60

Executive Producers: George Ormond, George Faber, Alex Lamb, Ayub Khan-Din

Writers: Ayub Khan-Din, Richard Davidson, Kim Revill, Faryal Velmi, Adam Usden, Natalie Mitchell, Nicole Lecky

Directors: Penny Woolcock, Sam Masud, Rachna Suri and Jordan Hogg

Producer: Jo Johnson

Series 2 – 12 x 60

Executive Producers: George Ormond, George Faber

Writers: Matt Evans, Perrie Balthazar, Ayub Khan-Din, Richard Davidson, Ishy Din, Natalie Mitchell, Faryal Velmi, Lisa Holdsworth, Maya Sondhi, and Stephen Russell

Directors: Penny Woolcock, Joe Stephenson and Robert Quinn.

Producer: Alex Lamb

Series 1 – 6 x 60

Executive Producers: George Ormond, George Faber

Directors: Penny Woolcock, Robert Quinn, Jon East

Producer: Alex Lamb


Ackley Bridge has won 6 RTS Awards across it’s 5-series run, including two wins for BEST DRAMA SERIES.


‘Ackley Bridge is the only show on TV that represents me.’ Radio Times

‘A whip-smart exploration of the trials of growing up.’ 4* i

‘Real, modern and relevant.’ Daily Mirror

‘A bit of a groundbreaker.’ The Sun

‘The show doesn’t shy away from the difficulties that a diverse, multicultural school can face, it celebrates differences, challenges stereotypes and embraces the fundamental themes that bring us all together.’ Best Magazine

‘…sharp, sensitive and self-aware.’ The Courier

‘Ackley Bridge has balls.  And a heart.’ The Guardian

‘Gripping drama … brash and heartwarming.’ Daily Express