We Go Again is a comedy drama about three stubbornly optimistic siblings with a dark secret. When their mum disappears, they will do anything to keep it quiet so they can stay together as a family, but – as feistily resilient and fiercely loyal as they are – can they really outwit the authorities and carry on with life under the radar?

We Go Again is an irreverent portrait of black working-class teenage life. A coming-of-age story of sorts. The first times; the f*ck-ups and the excruciating desire to be more grown up than you are or that you might be ready for. It’s a celebration of black joy; of council estates and corner shops. Of working-class living and working-class dreams. It is human and tender, with a thumping great heart.


An 6 x 45 minute drama for BBC 3 

Created and written by: Janice Okoh

Director: Nathaniel Martello-White

Executive Producers: George Ormond and George Faber for The Forge Entertainment, Danielle Scott-Haughton for the BBC, and Janice Okoh

Producer: Jade Taylor


BBC Three announces We Go Again (w/t) from Janice Okoh BBC